"A win-win situation for farmers and for families across the state as we try to provide more access and easier access to locally grown, fresh farm products."
- Governor Andrew M. Cuomo

How to Use New York FreshConnect Checks

How to Use New York FreshConnect Checks

  1. Go to a participating New York State FreshConnect Farmers’ Market and find the table with the banner, “Use Your SNAP (EBT) Card Here!”

  2. Use your SNAP (EBT) Card to purchase as many wooden tokens as you intend to use at the market. These tokens will act as “cash” at the market where you purchased them.

  3. For every $5 in wooden tokens you purchase with your SNAP (EBT) Card, you will receive one New York FreshConnect Check ($2 Coupon).

  4. Use your wooden tokens and/or your FreshConnect Check ($2 Coupon) at any market vendor that sells SNAP eligible items.

  5. FreshConnect Checks are being issued to Veterans, Service members, and their immediate family members at sites designated by the New York State Division of Veterans’ Affairs. These checks may be used by the recipient to purchase any SNAP eligible item at farmers’ markets and farm stands.

New York FreshConnect Checks ($2 Coupons) are not redeemable for cash and no change can be given. FreshConnect Checks are not valid at supermarkets or grocery stores and must be used by December 31 of the year the check was issued.” Unused wooden tokens can be exchanged at the token booth for a refund onto your SNAP (EBT) Card.

News and Announcements

July 1, 2015 Issuance and use of FreshConnect Checks at EBT/SNAP sites begins

November 10-12, 2015 Market Manager Certification Program at Cobleskill

November 30, 2015 Last day to use Farmers Market Nutrition Program Checks

December 15, 2015 Last day for farmers to deposit/cash FMNP checks

January 15, 2016 Last day for vendors to send in 2015 FreshConnect Checks for redemption

May 6, 2016 Governor Cuomo Announces $500,000 FreshConnect Food Box Program in the Finger Lakes and New York City

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